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Make your content multilingual for global customers

Documents Translation Service

We provide high-quality translation for any type of document, including business papers, medical prescriptions, contracts & legal documents, etc. at a cost-saving rate and fast turnaround time. SUBMIT FILE

Website Translation Service

To boost website traffic and engage with any clients across the world, you can find the best translation services and adaptation solutions of any open and closed source websites at Tarjuma. SUBMIT FILE

Marketing Translation Service

We translate marketing documents, marketing plans, marketing promotions, press releases and public relations, etc. to enhance your brand and expand the reach of your message globally. SUBMIT FILE

Games Translation Service

Game translations and localization services from Tarjuma will handle all aspects like game instructions, functions, descriptions, promotions, etc., and offer a flawless in-game experience for target users. SUBMIT FILE

Book Translation Service

Tarjuma's book localization services do not simply handle the translation of words but also makes changes in expressions, images, and illustrations to fit your target readers' cultures and social norms. SUBMIT FILE

E-Learning Translation Service

With 5 years of professional experience, Tarjuma's linguits can handle various e-learning content like course books, tests, exams documents, etc., in multiple languages. SUBMIT FILE

Software Translation Service

Our experienced linguists and specialists will bring you comprehensive software and app localization solutions with content, description, instructions, user reviews, etc., which arre optimized in numerous languages. SUBMIT FILE

Video Translation Service

Our native linguist, with advanced technical support, can offer high-quality translation and localization for several common video types and platforms, without offensive expressions or cultural misconceptions. SUBMIT FILE